Messy Family Fun Psalm 23

Messy family fun Psalm 23 is a set of fun activities based on Psalm 23. It includes videos, craft, reading, recipe, music & conversation starters.

Psalm 23

Dear God,

You are my shepherd; and you give me everything I need.

You take me to where the grass grows green and the water is quiet and cool and clear.

You take me on the right paths and I can rest in you.

Even if I go through the deepest darkness, I will not be afraid, because you are with me.

You are strong and loving. You care for me and protect me.Your goodness and love will be with me all my life. And your house will be my home now and forever more. Amen.


Cook shepherd’s pie for dinner.

Things to talk about

Can you see any sheep near your home? Do they have enough grass to eat?

Imagine a place with so much grass that the sheep don’t have to move to find food but can lie down and rest!Think about a place you go to rest and relax. How do you feel in that place?


1. Tell the story of Psalm 23 with playdough or Lego.


Count the sheep in the ‘Sheep Counting Dream’ by Alex Raffi.


Sing along to ‘The Children’s Saviour’.

Things to talk about

Think about how each sheep in the story is different and special, just like you.

Jesus knows each one of us by name. 
In the Bible, God says:

Do not be afraid, I am with you. 
I have called you by your name, 
you are mine.’
 (Isaiah 41:10)

Have you ever been scared about something? What did you do?Take a moment to be with God.


Cut out your handprint and glue on cotton wool for a sheep fridge magnet.

Things to talk about

Have you touched a real sheep (or 
do you have a fluffy sheep at home)? 
What does it feel like?

How many sheep could fit in your sheepfold? Are they safe and warm? When do you feel safe and warm?


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