HomeFaith Worship 03/10/2021

Join in and worship God at home with friends and family, with songs, prayer, Bible reading & activities in HomeFaith Worship 03/10/2021. We will also have a brief message on the reading of the day.

Song: What a beautiful day

What A Beautiful Name! Hillsong Kids presents the grammy award winning song especially for your kids. Filmed in Germany with some amazing children! If you have problems connecting you can go directly to YouTube at:

Story of the day

Elina Ellis reads The Truth About Old People, a very funny and lovable picture book that is a tribute to grandparents and older people. Published by Two Hoots and part of ‘Empathy Lab’s’ 2020 Read for Empathy Book Collection. If you have trouble connecting, you can go directly to the story at YouTube:

Read from the Gospel

This is a Bible story paraphrasing today’s key text from Mark 10:2-16.

One day, lots of people were gathered around Jesus, asking him some hard questions. Questions like, “When is it okay to get a divorce?” and “Who will be the greatest in Heaven?” Jesus was very busy giving God’s answers to these questions when he looked towards the back of the crowd and saw some parents carrying their babies and holding their children’s hands.  They were pushing their way through the crowd.  Jesus smiled to see all the children coming towards him. Then he noticed his disciples moving angrily towards them. “Don’t you know that Jesus is busy?” they asked.  “We want him to bless our children,” one of the parents said.  But the disciples said, “He’s teaching the adults and can’t be disturbed right now! You have to stay in the back. 

Jesus watched and listened.  Then he stood up.  “Why are you trying to stop these children from getting to me?” he demanded.  “Don’t you know how important they are to me? The kingdom of God belongs to children just like these, don’t stop them from coming to me!”  

The disciples were amazed and learned a big lesson that day.  And the children? They got to run up to Jesus and jump in his lap. He blessed each one of them.

And/or video of reading

This is a dramatic re-enactment of todays reading (with a little extra) by the Lumo Gospel. If you have trouble connecting you can go direct to YouTube at:

Message: HomeFaith Worship 03/10/2021

Today’s message from Rev. Keith Robinson focusses on Jesus’ words that we need to accept the Kingdom of God like a child.

Prayer & blessing


Love Divine, Emu Music, W. P. Rowlands, Charles Wesley, arrangement © 2018 Alanna Glover, CCLI Song No: 7125865. If you have trouble connecting you can go direct to Youtube at:

Fun activities

Here are some fun activities that you can do when you want that explore today’s theme that all people, including children, are important and precious to God. They are from the VicTas Synod of the Uniting Church and can also be found at:


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