Holy Week Trail

Ros Robinson has prepared a ‘Holy Week trail’, which is included in this post. It is great for worship at home and is suitable for all ages. It includes a reflection or activity for each day of the week (things you can do in your own home at your leisure). There are links to songs on Youtube as well as instructions on some of the activities. Check it out! 

1. Palms

This is where our journey to the cross begins – with palms on the ground and ‘Hosannas’ in the air. The Messiah is coming into town! 

Many people expected a mighty king, who would kick out the 
Roman army and take over the town. Days later, the same crowds 
were shouting ‘Crucify!’ 

Today, in some ways, nothing 
has changed. We still expect 
many things from our leaders, 
loving them one minute and 
hating them the next.

Pray for people who are in public positions, especially during these challenging times.

Make a palm cross with something from the garden or piece of paper. Carry it with you as you start your journey on the Easter trail.

Dave the donkey
(‘Lost sheep’ series)

2. Perfume

Mary annointing Jesus
Mary annointing Jesus

– Daniel Gerhartz

‘Messiah’ means anointed one. At this feast, Mary anoints Jesus feet in an outpouring of love and gratitude.

Give thanks to God for blessings in your life and in the lives of others.

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3. Seeds

Jesus said, 
‘Unless a seed falls 
to the ground and 
dies, it remains only 
a single seed. But 
if it dies, it produces 
many seeds.’

Go out into the garden and see if you can find a seed among the plants or on the ground. Take the seed and hold it in your hand. Think about how your life has changed because of what Jesus did.

Thank God for those who dedicate their lives to helping others – 
well-known people and everyday people like you and me who give their lives to Jesus and to others.

Spend some time in the garden or plant some seeds as a sign of the new life that Jesus brings.

4. Feet

washing of feet
washing of feet

– Sieger Koder, Washing of feet

As you look at this painting, what thoughts come to your mind? 
How would you feel if Jesus was washing your feet? 
Why do you think Jesus did this?

Spend a moment in quiet reflection.

5. Chains

Judas betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of silver, the price of a slave in those times. The temple guards arrested Jesus while he was in the garden and took him to the house of the High Priest to be tried. 

Find some keys or a chain if you have one. As you hold them, think about people who are in prison in the world today.

Some are guilty of many crimes, but some are innocent prisoners, arrested for things that are legal in our country – even believing in Jesus in some places.

Some people might be feeling like prisoners, trapped in their houses by illness or fear.

Think about something that means ‘freedom’ for you; ask God to help everyone you have thought about.

6. Cross

‘With a smiling face, Jesus looked at his side … there he showed me a place, beautiful and delightful, large enough for all people to rest in peace and love … 

‘And as I looked, he showed me his heart, broken in two … He 
helped me to understand, a little, anyhow … the Eternal Love of God that has no beginning or end. 

‘At the same time, our Good Lord said, most beautifully, “See how I have loved you.”’

– Dame Julian of Norwich

Find a cross (hand cross, small cross, picture of a cross). Sit looking at the cross for a while. 

Spend some time with God, talking about whatever you wish.

How deep the Father’s love for us
(Stuart Townsend)

7. Tomb

Later on, after Jesus had died, Joseph and Nicodemus took Jesus’ body and laid it in a tomb. Nicodemus brought oil and spices to anoint the body and they wrapped it in strips of linen.

We can understand how Jesus’ friends felt when they laid his body in the tomb.
We are sad too when someone we love has died. 

Pray for people who have lost someone close to them recently. Perhaps you are still grieving the loss of a loved one.

In many times, oil is used for healing. Take some olive oil or other oil and gently rub it into the back of your hand.

Let your restless hearts be still
(John Bell)

8. Risen

Read John 20:1–18

CHRIST is risen! Write a chalk message, send a card to a friend or tell them the story with jelly beans!

I know that my Redeemer liveth
(George Frideric Handel)

9. Footprints

Our God leaves footprints When he whispers ‘Peace be with you’. His breath steams up the wineglass and the blood beats in his veins.

His feet might be scarred with a jagged body piercing but the bruises are fast-fading that the soldiers left behind.

This man is not a parable. A story for the springtime
Or a tacked-on happy ending making tragedy less bad.

No, this corpse lay rigid; frozen stiff with rigor mortis bandaged and unfeeling 
and then simply came to life. A resurrection. 
 – Sue Wallace

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