Activities from March 2023

Raising of Lazarus

HomeFaith Lent wk5

Today’s worship from HomeFaith explores Jesus raising Lazarus from death to life in prayer, video, music and reflection.

HomeFaith Palm Sunday

The HomeFaith service for this week tells the story of Palm Sunday and the last Passover with video, music, prayer and Bible reading.

HomeFaith Lent wk4

In HomeFaith Lent wk4 we will be hearing how Jesus heals a blind man but those around him struggled to see what this meant for them.
Samaritan woman at the well

HomeFaith Lent wk3

In HomeFaith Lent wk3 (2023) we will be exploring an encounter of Jesus with a woman at a well with videos, music, Bible reading and prayer.

HomeFaith Lent2

HomeFaith Lent2 includes videos, songs, prayer and reflection on today’s topic: ‘Exploring the eternal nature of God’s love’.