Activities by Geoff Wellington


HomeFaith Easter wk6

HomeFaith Easter wk6 explores John 14, where Jesus is shown preparing the disciples for the time when he is no longer with them in person.
Samaritan woman at the well

HomeFaith Lent wk3

In HomeFaith Lent wk3 (2023) we will be exploring an encounter of Jesus with a woman at a well with videos, music, Bible reading and prayer.
Advent candles

HomeFaith Advent 3

In HomeFaith Advent 3, using videos, prayer, readings and music, we will be exploring the theme of God breaking into our lives in our time.

HomeFaith Trinity

HomeFaith activities for the week starting Trinity Sunday, including videos, music, prayer, reading, message & some fun activities.
Lost & found

HomeFaith Lent 4

Worship and fun activities for HomeFaith Lent 4, the fourth week in Lent of 2022 (videos, prayer, music, children’s activities & message).