Activities on Matthew


HomeFaith Lent2

HomeFaith Lent2 includes videos, songs, prayer and reflection on today’s topic: ‘Exploring the eternal nature of God’s love’.
Temptation of Jesus

HomeFaith Lent 1

In HomeFaith Lent1 we will be exploring the ‘wilderness’ in our lives and in the life of Jesus with videos, prayer and reflection.
Mountain top

HomeFaith Tranfiguration

In HomeFaith Transfiguration we will be exploring how God is present in our ordinary, everyday lives using video, readings & prayer.
Advent candles

HomeFaith Advent 4

In HomeFaith Advent 4 we will be pondering how God is present in our lives, using videos, prayer, music and Bible reading.
Advent candles

HomeFaith Advent 3

In HomeFaith Advent 3, using videos, prayer, readings and music, we will be exploring the theme of God breaking into our lives in our time.
Advent candles

HomeFaith Advent 2

In HomeFaith Advent 2 we will be exploring the significance of ‘wilderness experiences’ using videos, prayer, readings & music.

Holy Week Trail

Holy Week trail which includes a reflection or activity for each day of the week (things you can do in your own home at your leisure).