Activities on John


HomeFaith Pentecost

In HomeFaith Pentecost we will be exploring the coming of the Holy Spirit to the disciples in video, song, prayer and story.
Sunrise or sunset

HomeFaith Easter wk7

In HomeFaith Easter wk7 we will explore what it means to be ’embraced by God’ in video, song, story, and prayer.

HomeFaith Easter wk6

HomeFaith Easter wk6 explores John 14, where Jesus is shown preparing the disciples for the time when he is no longer with them in person.
Junee in Autumn

HomeFaith Easter wk5

In HomeFaith Easter wk5 we will be exploring Jesus’ caring and compassionate response to the disciples fears of the future.
Raising of Lazarus

HomeFaith Lent wk5

Today’s worship from HomeFaith explores Jesus raising Lazarus from death to life in prayer, video, music and reflection.

HomeFaith Lent wk4

In HomeFaith Lent wk4 we will be hearing how Jesus heals a blind man but those around him struggled to see what this meant for them.