Message/sermon videos July 2023

See below for message/sermon videos for July 2023. Download using the download link or select play in the video to watch live. The latest videos are at the top.

30th July 2023

Saltbush Community – Peter Overton and Mark Faulkner
Little Kingdom Parables – Matthew 13: 31-33, 44-52

Rev. Peter Overton and Rev. Mark Faulkner from the Saltbush Community bring the message as we explore five little parables about the Kingdom of Heaven.  As simple as these parables appear on reading they hold a vast image of the way of God amongst us and invite us into the ongoing blowing of the Spirit in this season of Pentecost.

Which of these parables speaks strongly to you personally? What connections do you hear between Pentecost (The Spirit) and these parables? What did you hear in today’s word? 


Project Reconnect – Rev Leon Kruger
Tiny Things with Great Impact – Matthew 13:31-34

Rev. Leon Kruger brings you the message on behalf of Project Reconnect. What makes a nation powerful?  God said his kingdom is comparable to a mustard seed or yeast. In God’s kingdom something seemingly insignificant can have a big impact. A smile, a word, a short prayer or a random act of kindness could change lives. Small things can have a big impact!

What did you find the most significant idea in this message? What influence or impact has someone else had on you and your faith? However small, what can you do to impact others for good? However small, what can your congregation or local community do to impact others? 

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23rd July

Saltbush Community – Geoff Wellington
Exploring – ‘Discovering Acts’ – Acts 16:1-15

In this last of our three part series we focus on Exploring – Discovery through the lens of Paul’s second missionary journey. We discover that adopting a posture of exploring we discover the Spirit’s leading into new ways of trust and relationships with each other and with God’s adventure in the world.

Project Reconnect – Liesl Homes
Pentecost 8 – ‘Wheat, Weeds or a Hybrid’ – Genesis 28:10-19a 

Some gems are presented today along with some troubling ideas. You may be ‘in or out’, you may be ‘wheat or weeds’. The Holy Spirit will help us in our weakness. David asks God to search and to know him – to make him open to change.
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16th July

Saltbush Community – Tim Jensen
Discerning – Matthew 16:1-4

Our second theme is Discerning. What does it mean to discern God’s movement in our lives and where the Spirit calls us to be in the world. 

Project Reconnect – Phil Swain
Pentecost 7 – ‘Life in the Spirit’ – Romans 8:1-11

In Romans we read there are 2 ways to live – follow our natural desires which may not be pleasing to God, or set our minds on what the Holy Spirit desires and live in a way that pleases God. It is a life choice!

9th July 2023

Saltbush Community – Mark Faulkner
Pentecost 6 – Dwelling – Luke 10: 1-12

This week Saltbush begins a series of three weeks with the themes; Dwelling, Discerning and Discovering.  For each week we have chosen our own readings to sit alongside our thoughts and you are invited to use these Word Around the Bush messages as you choose.  This week our theme is dwelling and we ponder this through Luke’s Gospel passage about the mission of the seventy – Luke 10: 1-12.

Project Reconnect – Rev. John Humphries
Pentecost 6 – “Jesus Swaps Heavy for Light” – Matthew 11:16-19,25-30

Carrying burdens can make us very tired and weary. Focusing on the way of Christ in love, grace and forgiveness is a better burden for us all to carry. Forget passing ugly rocks around!

2nd July 2023

Saltbush Community – Tim Jensen
Pentecost 4 – ‘A Prophet’s Reward’ – Matthew 10:40-42

Jesus talks about how those who welcome prophets share a prophet’s reward. What is a prophet’s reward that is available to those who are welcoming?

Project Reconnect – Rev. Kevin Kwang Min Kim
Pentecost 5 ‘God will Provide’ Genesis 22:1-14

Sometimes we make God a “Heavenly ATM” with our requests. God’s requests can sometimes be challenging but even in the darkest times He is with us and directing us.

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