Message/sermon videos for June 2023

See below for message/sermon videos for June 2023. Download using the download link or select play in the video to watch live. The latest videos are at the top.

25th June 2023

Saltbush Community – Geoff Wellington
Pentecost 4 Finding Life. Matthew 10: 24-39

Jesus having concluded his teaching and healing ministry sends the 12 Disciples out to continue the mission with instructions. Those instructions include warnings about conflict and rejection. Jesus reminds the Disciples that God’s presence, love and care remains constant. That God’s new family will welcome in all who suffer rejection. That continuing the mission and purposes of God is the way in which to find life in abundance.


Project Reconnect – Rev. Liam Miller
Pentecost 4. A Local and Cosmic God. Genesis 21:8-21

Through the story of Hagar – a foreigner and slave who flees with the child born of Abraham, we find the great truth of God. He is the one who sees and hears the cries of the afflicted but does not scorn, but acts with justice and steadfast love. 


Pentecost wk3 – 18th June 2023

  1. Saltbush Community – Tim Jensen
    Pentecost 3 Being a Disciple Matthew 9:35-10:8 (9-23)

Jesus sends the disciples out to heal and to announce the nearness of the reign of God. As 21st Century Christians, the call to discipleship hasn’t changed.


2. Project Reconnect – Rev. John Barker
18th June 2023 (Year A – Pentecost 3) “Servant Lord – Servant People”

What good news do we proclaim? It will be different for every time and place. But the common thread is we are ‘Servant People of our Servant Lord’ and our ‘Servantship’ must express the Mission of God – the way Christ lived and taught.

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Pentecost wk 2 – 11th June 2023

Saltbush Community – The Calling – Matthew 9: 9-13, 18-26 – Mark Faulkner

Three wonderful intertwined accounts from the Gospel of Matthew; the calling of the tax man Matthew, the pleading of the Jewish Synagogue leader and the woman who pushes into the crowd to touch the fringe of Jesus’ garment.  As we draw ourselves into these passages we think about the human way of excluding others even amongst God’s ongoing invitation of inclusion for all people.


Project Reconnect – Paul Simpson
11th June 2023 (Year A Pentecost 2) “Faith and Grace, the best Way”

Faith versus Works or Grace versus law? The age-old problem conundrum! Is it Faith and Grace that is needed to lead us to life in Christ and righteousness?


Trinity – 04 June May 2023

Saltbush Community Tim Jensen
Trinity – Matthew 28:16-20

How does the Trinity expand your understanding of God? Join Tim as he explores the Trinity through a series of images (he noted that he had some technical issues).


Project Reconnect Liam Miller
04th June 2023 (Year A Trinity) “Not a problem, but Presence”


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