Message/sermon videos for August 2023

See below for message/sermon videos for Augus 2023. Download using the download link or select play in the video to watch live. The earliest videos are at the top.

6th August 2023

Saltbush Community – Tim Jensen & Geoff Wellington
Pentecost 10 – ‘An Abundant Life’ – Matthew 14:13-21

Project Reconnect – Rev. Karyn Burchell-Thomas
6th August 2023 (Year A – Pentecost 10) “Feeding Body and Soul”

13th August 2023

Saltbush Community – Rev. Mark Faulkner
Pentecost 11 – The unexpected Christ – Matthew 14: 22-33

Across the water, after the depth of the dark night, amongst the fear and distance from shore, the unexpected Christ comes to the disciples.  This account is an echo of ancient scriptures of the enormity of God and the announcement once more, that God, in Christ, comes to us and is amongst us.

Project Reconnect – Rev. Gareth Thomas-Burchell
Pentecost 11 – “Get Out of the Boat” – Matthew 14:22-33

20th August 2023

Saltbush Community – Rev. Tim Jensen
Pentecost 12 – Challenging Expectations – Matthew 15:21-28

When we encounter challenging readings from the Bible our set expectations about faith and Jesus are tested. Jesus’ conversation with the Canaanite woman can lead us into a deeper appreciation of Jesus’ humanity and humility.

Project Reconnect – Rev. Elizabeth Raine and Rev. John Squires
Pentecost 12 – “Tamar and Baruch – Talking about Jesus” – Matthew 15:21-28

27th August 2023

Saltbush Community – Rev. Geoff Wellington
Pentecost 13 – Who do you say that I am? – Matthew 16: 13-20

Jesus asks the Disciples two questions, who do others say the Son of Man is and then who do you say that I am? Peter responses in a way that has implications for how the disciples and we who may also want to make such a declaration about Jesus will then live.

Project Reconnect – Rev. John Squires
Pentecost 13 – Rev Dr John Squires

NAIDOC Week was recently celebrated. The Uniting Church has a long history of working with the First Peoples. We are called to take the yoke upon ourselves as a nation, to ensure First peoples will have a Voice. Through the Spirit we are called to live in new ways with justice and truth.

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Videos are mostly sourced from either the Saltbush Community or Project Reconnect, which are both initiatives of the Uniting Church in Australia aimed at supporting congregations within NSW/Act, Australia. The aim here is to provide a choice of at least two videos each week at least two weeks in advance. Please note that you can go to the following sites for extra information each week, such as a suggested order of service, if you prefer.

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