Message/sermon videos for May 2023

See below for message/sermon videos for May 2023. Download using the download link or select play in the video to watch live. The latest videos are at the top.

Pentecost – 28 May 2023

  1. Saltbush Community (Mark Faulkner)
    Pentecost – Acts 2: 1-21

Each year, down throughout the ages, people and gatherings of Christians have drawn into our lives and conversation the way of God as Spirit amongst us.  Our reading is an ancient expression of the coming of the Holy Spirit in the early church and today in Word Around The Bush we consider the centrality of life beyond the physical and the ways we experience the Holy Spirit in our own lives and the world today.


  1. Project Reconnect (Sharon Hoogland)
    28th May 2023 (Year A Pentecost) “The Breath of God”

The scared and frightened followers were hiding in a locked room – into that fear Jesus came and said, ‘Peace be with you’. The heart of Jesus is to give peace and to make an eternal difference in the lives of others. The breath of the Holy Spirit is transformative. Wherever it blows it will bring new life and vitality.

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Seventh Sunday of Easter – 21 May 2023

  1. Project Reconnect (Michael Earl)
    ‘Why the Ascension Matters’


2. Saltbush Community (Tim Jensen)
‘Embraced by God’ John 17:1-11


Sixth Sunday of Easter – 14 May 2023

  1. Saltbush Community (Geoff Wellington)
    ‘The Advocate’ John 14:15 – 21


2. Project Reconnect (Rev. Dr David Manton)
‘We are not alone’ John 14:15-21


Fifth Sunday of Easter – 7 May 2023

  1. Saltbush Community (Tim Jensen)
    ‘Way, Truth and Love’ John 14:1-14


2. Project Reconnect (Bruce Schubert)
‘Can you show us what God is like’ John 14:1-14


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Videos are mostly sourced from either the Saltbush Community or Project Reconnect, which are both initiatives of the Uniting Church in Australia aimed at supporting congregations within NSW/Act, Australia. The aim here is to provide a choice of at least two videos each week at least two weeks in advance. Please note that you can go to the following sites for extra information each week, such as a suggested order of service, if you prefer.

Project Reconnect

Saltbush Community