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Do you want to find quality free images? See below for a list of sites that provide quality free photos & videos. Attribution is encouraged but is not always required. I have also included access to a free online image editor so you can edit the photos (resolution, cropping, format etc).

Note: If you use ‘free’ photos for commercial purposes you would be wise to take additional precautions as not all photographers who upload their photos have obtained ‘release’ for the content of their photos.

Unsplash provide free, high quality images that do not require attribution, although it is encouraged. These images are great, and if you doubt my word, just go to the following page which has organised links to the photos by search terms that Australian churches might be more inclined to use.

Unsplash license

Unsplash photos can be freely used.

  • All photos can be downloaded and used for free
  • Commercial and non-commercial purposes
  • No permission needed (though attribution is appreciated)
  • Go to the following to see their licence:

Pixlr provides a free, quick and easy online editor for you to make almost all of the changes to an image that you might need to do. Upload your image to the website, resize it, crop it and then save it to the desired file format and file size. You can also add text and make a variety of other changes. For the brave there is a more advanced editor as well as a paid service that provides additional benefits. Everyone has free access to free stock photos which they can then edit.

There are many YouTube videos that explain Pixlr on YouTube. I have included one of them below. You may find one of the others better suited to you.

Here is a video from ‘London Museum Development’ that will provide you with an overview of the PIXLR-X editor. If you have problems connecting you can go directly to YouTube at:

Freephotos provides access to free Christian photos. It provides quality images but the number of photos available is much less than some of the other sites.

If you want access to more images check out the list of 24 sites provided at this website! It also explains the difference between the different types of licences.


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